I’ve written a few articles to share my knowledge on a variety of topics including voice, responsive and mobile design.

Cross-channel UX: Public Transport

3 May 17

Our personal experience of a service moves across both online services and real-life physical experiences, so too should our design thinking.

Artificially Intelligent Assistants: What’s Next?

14 Apr 17

Conversational User Interfaces aren’t actually very good at having a conversation yet, what can do to get them there?

How to design a large scale responsive site

17 Jan 17

In 2011, I described the process of designing one of the first responsive sites. Now that the concept is no longer in its infancy let’s take another look.

Interview – Insights from Quidco

11 Aug 16

If you’re not familiar with cashback, I normally explain it to people like this. In the mid 90s affiliate programs were created to drive traffic to e-commerce sites. Site owners were…

Interview – Web fonts: what designers need to know in 2015

11 Feb 15

Digital Arts speaks to type experts and web designers to find out what you need to know about web fonts, so you can make the right choice…

Designing for Mobile, Part 3: Visual design

10 Jun 14

As a direct response to platform capabilities, the first mobile sites were an exercise in ‘compromise’ rather than ‘craft’. Today’s more full-featured devices, however, give us…

Interview: Think of Your Customers First

26 Apr 13

Elaine McVicar, a digital interaction and visual designer, recently took some time to give Content Ping her take on the debate around responsive design and mobile-specific sites

Designing for Mobile, Part 2: Interaction Design

26 Mar 13

My first mobile phone, a Nokia 5110 (purchased in 1998!), offered very few features: I could call, text or play Snake. What’s more, these interactions were completely controlled by the manufacturer. With the advent of smartphones, touch screens…

Designing for Mobile, Part 1: Information Architecture

25 Sep 12

Around 1993, my dad brought home a large, brick-shaped mobile phone. We were all incredibly excited by the new technology, even though none of us thought it would have a massive impact on our lives.

Mobile and tablet specific guidelines – Part 2 Design considerations

28 Aug 12

Developing mobile and tablet guidelines involves creating a balance between standard mobile design patterns, OS specific guidelines (where appropriate), alongside existing online brand guidelines.

Mobile and tablet specific guidelines – Part 1 Why we need them

23 Aug 12

Recent fast paced growth of the smartphone and tablet market has shown that our usage of mobile devices has grown exponentially, and along with that, so has our level of interaction and…

How to design a responsive site

25 Oct 11

To build a mobile site or not to build a mobile site; this is a question at the forefront of many a discussion. There is, however, another option: responsive web design. When, why, and how should you go about designing a responsive website?

Hotel Booking, from Start to Finish

23 Aug 11

Everyone has unique expectations when it comes to booking a vacation – some want to be swept away while others seek complete control. It can be a truly exhilarating experience, as long as the system facilitating it isn’t too frustrating.