June 2015

My role

Experience Planner



Doddle wanted to better understand how their customers’ used their delivery and postage services across their stores, online and through Amazon. Foolproof was asked to research, map and validate the customer journeys, detailing the process, pain points and providing recommendations no future develoments.

Mapping an integrated journey

The first stage of the project was to examine the integration of Doddle into and define the customer issues, as well as detail opportunities for improvement. I carried out an expert review of the in-store and online purchase across Doddle’s and their competitors services.


Demonstrating the journeys

Initial research was then developed into 4 customer journey maps with on-site and service design recommendations that were presented to Doddle and Amazon.


Validating the customer experience

The second stage of the project was to examine the key standalone Doddle journeys, i.e. sending a parcel, receiving a parcel and returning a parcel.The on and offline experience of the journeys was reviewed which provided a framework for the customer journey map. These were then further defined through user interviews, which added  detail and customer quotes. Service and design recommendations were then developed and added to the customer journey maps