September 2016

My role

Design Director



While I was Head of Design and UX at Quidco, a UK based loyalty and cashback site, we re-templated the entire site as the first step of a full replatforming and redesign process. The site was previously partially responsive but gave a reduced, rather than a tailored, experience on mobile and tablet devices. The aim of the re-templating was to create a good experience across devices that could then be restyled, optimised and extended much more easily.

Definition, prioritisation and planning

Before undertaking the redesign of the site defined the overarching goals, scope of work, and constraints such as time and budget. The first step we took was to define site performance and functionality. This identified the core user journeys and gave us a clear idea of the breadth of the site.


Requirements gathering

We carried out workshops with key stakeholders (including customer services, client services, product and design) to define the business requirements for the priority templates. We also gathered user requirements by conducting member interviews that identified needs and behaviors across the key retail journeys. We combined both sets of requirements to create a detailed list of functional requirements that defined exactly how we would improve the templates. Sketched concepts were developed into a simple wireframe prototype across screen sizes. This allowed Quidco to test new ideas with users to get greater insight into the proposed changes. Along with this, feedback was gathered from business stakeholders, then the concepts were iterated into look and feel visuals.


Phased launch

Quidco had a large amount of functionality and content variations across the site, but these were rationalized into around 10 templates and 40 components. When designing each of these we considered how it would appear across each screen size, including layout, style and content changes. We launched templates in phases and carefully monitored analytics and customer feedback. Insights from these fed back into the templates to iterate and improve them.


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