May 2015

My role

Experience Planner


Vodafone asked Foolproof to complete an Expert Review on their current Vodafone Mobile Wallet app, highlighting successful features and issues with the user experience. But also to understand how the Vodafone Wallet compared to competitors within the market, and against other best-in-class apps. The outcome needed to be actionable design recommendations that demonstrated how improvements could be implemented.

Creating an experience benchmark

The first step in the project was to carry out a cognitive walkthrough through the eyes of the customer by stepping through the full set-up, registration and usage journeys. This ensured key pain points and potential challenges were identified. Experience Design Principles were then created that defined how we Vodafone Wallet app would be benchmarked against the other apps.

Reviewing against ‘best-in-class’ apps

Along with the current and new Vodafone Wallet app we benchmarked competitor wallet apps and apps from additional sectors. Experience Design Principles and usability heuristics were used as a baseline for comparison during the competitor benchmarking review. These included Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Barclays PingIt, Syrup (a Korean loyalty card app), Duolingo and MyFitnessPal.


Detailed recommendations

We used this review to provide clear design recommendations with supporting sketches. Where feasibility concerns were identified around the desired recommendation, quick win solutions were also provided. This review led into further work where we gave more detailed recommendations on key areas of the app.


Improved overall experience

Vodafone implemented many of the design recommendations and saw an improvement in reviews and ratings of their app in the GooglePlay store