Elaine McVicar

Digital interaction and visual designer
(who loves tea and isn't afraid to tell you that you're making it wrong)

Date:Feb 2014
My role:Design lead

Showrooming: How can retailers compete

The brief

During the run up to Christmas in 2012 and 2013 Foolproof surveyed shoppers to uncover the true impact of the phenomenon known as showrooming (where consumers visit a physical store when shopping for a product, before checking to see if they can get a better price online). This looked at the financial impact on retailers, but also how customers behaved. To demonstrate this research Foolproof wanted an infographic that would present the data in a more visual way.

The process

As a team of designers, UX consultants and marketers we reviewed the outcome of the research and categorised the different types of data. We then pulled this into a story structure wireframe to find the best way to demonstrate the information. We explored different styles of infographic using mood boards, and decided on a design direction. This was then more fully designed visually into this infographic.

The results