Okay, let's go over a few things that you should know about Zeixo.

Firstly, what's in Zeixo. There are three sections.

The Main Scene - This is where you view your actions in Zeixo, and how you get from place to place.
The Conversation Area - Below the scene is where you will find any descriptions or conversations. Grey text will provide descriptions or your characters text. If the text turns green when you hover over it, you have a choice of which to select. Blue text is the other characters text.
The Inventory Area - This area is where any items that your character picks up shall be shown. Some items may be clicked on for further interaction.

Secondly, how to get about.

The transportation generally used in a hover car. This will take you anywhere around Zeixo.
If you can go to a certain building in Zeixo, the square in front of the building will turn red when you hover the cursor over it. Click here and you're hover car will take you there. You can also click on the building you want to visit.
When your hover car has taken you to the building a red arrow will appear above it. Click on this to enter that building

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